Consumers crave stories not facts.

You have seven seconds to tell your whole story. Go.

You get one chance to capture the attention of consumers at the shelf– effectively 5 sentences– to convince buyers to sample your product. Delicious? Sustainable Mission? Great, but that’s not enough. Your brand needs a truly resonant identity to immediately “hook” retail buyers, drive consumer choice, and inspire loyalty. THIS is the story you need to tell.

GRO Launchpad will help you strategically distill your unique story for a powerful brand identity capable of driving every aspect of your messaging and design. Every brand has a compelling story, but you may be too close to distill that story effectively. Helping brands grow is what we do!

GRO Launchpad Workshop

GRO Launchpad will take you through a series of proprietary exercises and education that will guide you in crafting a truly resonant brand identity that will drive revenue. Each GRO Launchpad session will be a hands-on experience with a select group of emerging brands, facilitated by GRO Agency heads of design and strategy with a combined expertise of over 20 years. Whether your you’re starting from scratch, or your current brand positioning or packaging design isn’t working, our team will offer insight and critique to uncover your opportunities and pitfalls. By the end of the workshop you will have a personalized brand positioning deck, including: a narrative statement, brand archetype, brand voice and personality, target market, need state, and elevator pitch. This will be the beginning of your Brand Bible, informing packaging design, website design, marketing strategy and communications, and perfect for informing retail and investor pitches. Most importantly, it will provide you with 100% clarity on the most effective and connecting story your brand has to tell.


We created GRO Launchpad because we’re passionate about growing brands, though emerging brands don’t always have the resources for a full agency collaboration. The GRO Launchpad workshop is an opportunity for emerging brands to access the hands-on experience, expertise, and strategic perspective of a full scale branding agency, without the full scale costs.

$2500 per brand (2 stakeholders included)

For upcoming session dates, location, and further details you can tap us here, we’ll get right back to you.

We can’t wait to uncover your unique story!