Making the Best Use On-Pack of Your Health Claims and Benefit

Posted by | April 28, 2016 | ,

Written by Yaritsa Arenas

Consumers want healthy foods, and while the reasons why vary by demographic, it’s clear many are turning to healthy foods to prevent illness, and sustain a healthy lifestyle and live a longer life.

The global organic food market is estimated to reach $1 trillion by 2017 (source) and grow over 16% by 2020 (source). In order to take advantage of this growing market, it’s important not only to bring forward any healthy claims available for your product, but to showcase them in the most impactful way that attracts consumers to your brand and make it stand apart from competition.

Here are a few key strategies to use when adding health claims to your products that will make the most of your packaging.

Carefully Assess Your Claims & Benefits
What benefits are you able to claim on your packaging and, more importantly, what claims are important to your consumers? The key is to make some strategic decisions regarding what is critical to feature and which claims are just “good to have” but can be used as supportive claims. Select the high-value claims to your customers and include those front and center. All other claims can be addressed on the side panel or back panel romance copy. Overcrowding your package with claims will ultimately overwhelm your consumer and make it difficult for them to make an informed decision.

Remove Outdated Claims
While reviewing your claims, remember that what you REMOVE is just as important as what you add. There are many claims that were once essential and incredibly impactful on pack. “No Trans Fat” comes to mind as something that most food companies rushed to claim. While this was critically relevant a few years ago, it is now meaningless because most products have made the change to remove or limit the amount of trans fat, or people naturally know to check the Nutrition Facts. It’s useful to regularly check-in on the claims you currently have on-pack and determine whether they’re still essential or if they can be replaced with something more impactful.

Evaluate Package Architecture
While marketing and promotions will aid in communicating your product claims, the package itself does most of the heavy lifting when it comes to educating your consumer. Because of this it’s no surprise that many health products can become cluttered with too many and too wordy claims. Keeping your package clean and easy to navigate will help your consumer quickly identify the benefits of your product.

  • Create an on-pack communication system that allows consumers to find your claims easily across all SKUs.
  • Integrate your claims onto your package in a way that is consistent with your brand. Claims should feel harmonious with the rest of your graphics, not compete with them.
  • Assign more packaging real-estate to claims you want to be most prominent. It’s not necessary for all claims to have equal value.
  • Use all sides of your packaging to support your claims. While the most important claims clearly need to be on the primary display panel, there’s no reason why you can’t speak about supportive claims throughout the package. Include additional benefits, your brand story or additional uses for your product to add value to consumers.

Don’t Forget About the Taste

While consumers are moving towards organic and better-for-you products, don’t solely focus on that. Consumers want a product that is healthy and tastes good. Whether that’s showing mouthwatering serving suggestions, alluring product imagery or emotion-driven, aspirational photography, consumers want to feel that they’re making a healthy decision without depriving their senses.

Find Your White Space Opportunity
At GRA we routinely do audits for our clients to identify any innovation opportunities or unmet needs within the category and within the portfolio. This helps our clients clearly identify their core consumer, what they expect to see from your brand and what can be done to better serve their needs. This is a great way to identify the claims consumers would regard as High-Value and ensure that these are clearly promoted on-pack.

For specific recommendations about your product, contact us and we will help plan what is the right next step for you!


Yaritsa Arenas is Production Director at Gammon Ragonesi Associates.