The GRO Agency


It takes strategic focus and foresight to create an unshakable brand identity that can be expanded cohesively as you grow. We act as an extension of your team. Call on us for design thinking, or just to shoot the shit.


Brand Strategy

What is your unique reason for being? To stand out in a crowded market, your product should be positioned to compel consumers to buy and keep buying. The first step is succinctly articulating who you are for, and why they need you. You have 10 words — go!

Visual Identity / Packaging
GRO translates your unique value into visual identity and packaging. Your packaging should be a singular, iconic brand statement that turns a momentary choice into a lasting preference.
Adaptive Packaging Design

When it’s time to extend your master design across your entire packaging system, you want to avoid 3 things. One, weakening your brand impact with a lack of consistency and careless design adjustments–each adaptation should be considered as a single package and as part of a visual system. Two, high agency fees and unexpected costs for revisions and printing issues. Three, delays.

Not just any creative team can fill this need. It’s rare that a production or production-turned-adaptive firm does not tout some strategic capabilities, and the reverse is also true. The solution? An agency led by creatives, grounded by production artists: the adaptive sweet spot.

Production Art
We’re experts at decoding dielines, bleeds, and barcodes to get your artwork ready for print production. This step of the process is crucial, assuring that the files are exactly to the printer’s specifications so that no additional cost is incurred from your print vendor. This is a technical process that requires very specialized professionals to execute well.
Point of sale
GRO understands the driving factors that lead consumers to purchase decisions in store and create designs that pop – stopping your target customer in their tracks.
Product Photography
Masterful at working with food and beverage, our product photographers really know how to work the angles.
Web Design & Development
Whether you’d like to showcase your local brand or sell your products nationwide, GRO designs and develops beautiful, high-performing websites.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

GRO’s expert team of search engine specialists strategically optimize your website to perform highly on Google search rankings for target keywords — driving traffic and revenue.

One word can make the difference. GRO’s team of storytellers knows how to distill your message.
Marketing Strategy
Digital marketing can be a winding road. Let GRO show you the way. From SEM to social media, finding your target and creating a strategy that hits the mark is our specialty.
Marketing Assets
Your marketing toolbox should be well-appointed. GRO designs the tools you need to communicate your brand’s value, thoughtfully, and effectively. From social media assets to corporate communications, each of your marketing tools are designed with a purpose.

We take pride in listening carefully and responding generously.

We are experts at managing your projects and making your job easier.

We make getting to market a breeze… no matter how complex the problem.