The GRO Agency


Team of design thinkers with extensive board game collection seeking long term relationships with creative services gurus, day dreamy founders, and badass brand managers. Turn ons include long walks down grocery aisles and creative problem solving.

Our Gro Values

We are better together

Our culture and approach foster collaboration and teamwork. We believe in being an extended creative team with our clients. We integrate with ease and dexterity. We believe multiple minds working together stimulates mind-blowing creative ju-ju.


We have a flexible attitude and are quick and well-coordinated in our efforts to deliver. 

We Gro

We strive to reflect on our strengths and weaknesses, as a business and as individuals, and always be improving. We are not perfect. Our mistakes do not define us. We accept mistakes with generosity, but strive to always be a little better.

We Own it

We think things through, from every angle, to the end pay-off—seeking the “why” behind everything we do. We make intentional choices and take ownership of our tasks. We are each responsible for our collective business. 

We are Generous

We believe there is enough for everyone. We believe in the spirit of abundance and inclusion in every aspect of our business.

We Ebb and Flow

In work, as in life, we strive to ebb and flow with the tides of our workflow and our inner experience. Take time for ourselves in slow times and be ready to ramp up for busy times. 


Fred Gammon

Kelly Criswell

Danielle Muller

Jackie Olivieri

Matt Sanders

Dea Laubach

Jessie Gallagher

Aleksey Sprygin

Sarah Gurland

Daniel Palacios

Ellada Davtyan

Ever Salgado

Talal Almohaimeed

Lisa Destefano

Esther Sully

Julia Kuzman

Ayana Hampton