Brand Innovation

Innovation is the lifeblood of a business. To put it bluntly, if you don’t innovate, it dies.

We’re here to keep your brand alive, innovation comes in many forms: from a new product line to a new convenience or delivery aspect to a technological differentiation – all with the goal to provide a customer-centric solution, enhance the overall brand experience, foster customer loyalty and drive business growth by adapting to evolving market trends and consumer preferences.

Our commitment to curiosity, intelligence and intuition drives our pioneering spirit in product innovation and cutting-edge brand and packaging design. By exploring consumer and market research, we unearth unique possibilities for brands. We help conceptualize how brands can make bold statements in new territories and evolve to position themselves for successful market expansion.

With the foundational experience of our leader, Fred Gammon, the combined knowledge of our diverse team and the impressive powerhouse companies we’ve worked for (including Unilever, SC Johnson, Nestle, Hershey, General Mills and more), we have what it takes to help bring your innovative ideas to creative, consumer-facing life.

GRO helped us create a fun, memorable name and package design for our fruit & nut ball innovation. GRO is adept at building different brand strategies and visual languages for several brands in a portfolio.

Yigit Isiker
President, Safe Food Corporation

Supporting Innovation at Every Stage of Your Journey

  You Have a Unique Product

Someone in your company has come up with a new idea for a way to differentiate your product. But who is your target, and how do you get your product to draw them in? This is where we come in. GRO can assist you in developing meaningful target personas and messaging that highlight the benefits and unique appeal of the new product offering.

Brand Innovation

  Expand Into New Categories

You have a strong brand and market position, and it’s time to start exploring where there is room for your brand in other categories. Our role here is two-fold: take your brand equity and conduct branding exercises to see if the brand can expand; then, evaluate these moves with the appropriate target market through qualitative consumer testing.

Brand Innovation

  Grow in Chosen Category

Is there any white space in your chosen category? In a world where it seems there’s nothing new under the sun, we simply know this isn’t true. We just need to find a missing attribute. It’s there, and we’ll help you find it. Or if you’ve already found it, we’ll help you make your innovation stand out through a comprehensive category audit, developing brand benefits and positioning.

Brand Innovation

  Tempt With New Flavors or Trends

This is the everyday stuff. People are easily bored with categories sustained over time. They need variety  and new experiences, whether trending, permanent, seasonal or cyclical. Give them a new fragrance, flavor or added ingredients to spice up your products. Whether this is a normal exercise for your brand or this is a big innovation, we’re here to test and prove what will work for your audience.

Brand Innovation

What We Do

Ideation + Positioning

Ideation is a creative exploration that involves considering various themes, messaging approaches and visual styles. Once a compelling concept emerges, the focus shifts to Positioning. This step involves defining how the brand will be perceived in the market and differentiating it from competitors. We will carefully craft a unique value proposition, ensuring that your brand occupies a distinctive and memorable space in the minds of consumers.

Visualization + Brand Design

This is where your hard work of product innovation is put to the test, and it’s where we thrive. This involves crafting visually appealing graphics but also ensuring that the brand communicates the right tone and attributes with the intended audience. Through a strategic blend of messaging, key visuals and solid brand identity development, we’ll create a visual language that resonates.

Consumer Testing

These crucial processes involve gathering valuable insights by putting brand identities, prototypes, or product concepts in front of potential consumers. Through surveys, focus groups and observational studies, companies can assess consumer reactions, preferences and perceptions. This feedback loop allows us to refine our strategies, ensuring that the final product aligns with expectations and creates excitement with consumers.