Visual Identity

Well known brands across all industries can be identified visually, even before consumers catch a glimpse of the company name.

GRO is the bridge between your product and your target consumer. We make it our business to ensure that every aspect of your identity communicates an intuitive message to them. Developing a visual identity that drives growth is so much more than just designing a logo or choosing an attractive color palette. Translating a brand’s business strategy into visual language requires an understanding of the company’s goals and values, the target consumer, the competition, and the category. The right visual language will cause consumers to subconsciously associate qualities with a brand, which lends to their decision-making on whether they pass, buy, or repurchase.

(We saw an) Immediate lift in our sales velocities and were contacted directly by one of the top 10 food & beverage retailers in the country after they saw our new designs.

Ryan Armistead
Founder Happy Moose

We listen carefully. The design team at GRO aims to meet your needs while also going beyond your expressed desires to expand your notion of what is possible. And, our deep understanding of the business drivers behind each project allows us to design strategically with specific goals in mind.

$100 million

Dibs was an instant success, generating over $100 million in retail sales within 2 years.