Production Art

Printers LOVE us. So do brand managers looking to quickly create a line extension or package adaptation. We understand the science that goes into taking a packaging concept into reality without compromising quality or visual impact.

Our team of seasoned production artists have the technical chops to create high quality mechanical files and the design know-how to make decisions that get your printed package looking its best. Our team can scale quickly to accommodate even the largest multi-SKU project. Our process is nimble and flexible- able to meet changing deadlines with accuracy and artful consideration of the holistic brand design.

Their [The GRO team’s] attention to detail and deep packaging production experience allowed us to meet our deadline with a bolder, new look for this iconic brand.

Brian Lemco
Packaging Project Manager
Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream

Our production team reviews and consults throughout the creative process to ensure technical specifications and guidelines are met. Not every beautiful design will translate well in print, and we’re able to head off these types of issues early without stifling the creative process. This collaboration between strategic and production design preserves your brand equity and saves unexpected costs from endless revisions or inaccurate technical files. Combining the creative process with the production process will save you time, money, and streamline your packaging workflow so your brand can get out there, succeed, and look absolutely amazing.