Shopper Marketing & Point Of Sale

At GRO, we gladly accept the challenge of converting an indecisive customer. We are exceptionally masterful at devising a digital to shelf shopper marketing point of view.

We make sure that when the consumer makes up their mind, they are reaching, or clicking, to purchase your product. And with flawless integration of path-to-purchase campaigns, we drive high traffic and sales.

From large, national shopper marketing campaigns to singular, branded executions- we create strategically minded campaigns that communicate quickly along the whole shopper journey. We realized early on that in order to give our client’s the best chance to succeed, we needed to consider the whole path to purchase. With strategic, brand-centric POS we create an omnichannel brand ecosystem that is consistent, compelling and inspires purchase. Basically, we understand the driving factors that lead customers to make a purchase decision and we stop target customers right in their tracks with innovative designs that pop.


We realized a 17% sales lift and regaining our position in the marketplace.

Our creative process always starts with concepts grounded in the brand and business strategy. We’re adept at creating ideas and visuals that are consistent with the brand voice, take into account the retailer preferences, and inspire shopper engagement. Our in-store designs disrupt the shopper and demand attention (and maybe make their mouth water in the process). Whether it be driving a trial, pushing a promotion, communicating brand news, cause marketing, establishing a brand partnership or cross-sell, seasonal or event marketing, or just increasing brand awareness, we create engaging and effective brand communications that work.

GRO’s package redesign, as well as their impactful point-of-sale creative, was instrumental in revitalizing the Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich business, which had been seeing steep declines. This successful campaign resulted in Toll house Sandwich realizing a 17% sales lift and regaining it’s position as Nestle Ice Cream’s #1 selling singles item!

Melissa Jennings
former Associate Brand Manager
Nestlé USA

We identify meaningful intersections along the consumer journey, where multi-faceted programs and interconnected messages inspire action. Driven by a deep understanding of consumers and culture, and with brand and category as a filter, we deliver promotions that tug at heartstrings, create relevant buzz, and are in sync with the moment in time. It’s the difference between newsworthy distinction and meaningless flash.

Our areas of expertise are vast as we create compelling OOH experiences, effective C-Store executions, breakthrough Club visuals, and powerful Grocery campaigns. Coupled with strong pre-store digital and social executions, our campaigns are potent sales drivers. We partner with cutting-edge technology to bring the latest innovations to the in-store experience.

And we never miss a moment.