Packaging Design

Packaging is an omnipresent marketing tool that sets the tone for all of your brand’s communication and marketing, regardless of the channel.

Whether in store or online, your packaging has under 7 seconds to convince the shopper just why they should buy your brand. Effective packaging should be a singular, iconic brand statement that turns a momentary choice into a lasting preference.

Our specialized process for designing the perfect packaging is collaborative, flexible, and grounded in deep insights and industry knowledge. We always begin with research and strategy as the bedrock for the final design. We conduct a competitive analysis to understand the category, competition, and adjacent categories to find white space. From there, we pull together multiple points of view from our diverse group of creatives to assemble packaging concepts and design elements that are strategically positioned and graphically impactful.


45% increase in velocity in national grocery channel after redesign of Pacific Gold Reserve

When it comes to unique package designs that stand out, product photography may be key. As creators of food and beverage packaging for 30 years, our product photographers know that it’s all about the angles. As visual storytellers we use high quality images to evoke emotion from your customers and connect them to your brand. Our vivid Food and beverage photography enlivens your original packaging with strong appetite appeal that inspires reasons to gather, eat, and drink.

From concept, to copy development, to mechanical layout and technical know-how, our team can take your brand seamlessly through the process while skyrocketing your packaging to the next level.

The folks at GRO are terrific. They do a fantastic job adapting their work to our multiple brands and catering creative and deliverables to best serve each initiative. They understand and fully appreciate that each project is different and they do a great job digging in to understand the specific needs about each one and the unique brand and proposition it needs to adhere.

Stephen O’Hare
Director of Marketing, Oberto Snacks Inc