Web Design & Development

Our skilled designers know exactly where to place each asset on your site from graphics to copy, to get the ultimate wow factor. But much more than a great looking site is a simple, but never plain, user interface design.

Face to face interactions may never occur and your customers will be serviced by the speed, ease, and design of your website…which will make all the difference in your brand’s position in this food space. GRO designs and develops websites that are as functional as they are beautiful. Our eCommerce experts understand customers, closely track their shopping behaviors, and keep up with the cultural shifts and changes in technology. We remain abreast of the latest and greatest features on the market that can be implemented to improve speed and overall function.

GRO did an expert job at refreshing the brand, without alienating our existing, very loyal consumer base. Since redesigning our packaging and website we have seen an increase in national distribution and club store opportunities.

Mitzi Dulan
Founder Simply Fuel

Our SEO driven copy is just what you need to complement your graphic and marketing assets. With an ever decreasing human attention span (literally, shorter than a goldfish’s), it’s important to develop strategic copy that will grab your audience’s attention and keep it. From catchy headers to taglines that remain stuck in your customer’s brain like the lyrics to their favorite song, our job is to find unique ways to put your brand into words that they’ll remember.

Web Design & Development