Nestlé Drumstick

Nestlé Drumstick

The Challenge

Ice cream brand Nestle Drumstick had recently undergone an evolutionary refresh of their master brand. If that wasn’t enough, they also planned to widely release ‘Crushed It’, their break-through product line of cookie-crumb-coated ice cream cones and bars. From the first bite, these innovative frozen treats proved themselves a truly unique, multi-textural eating experience, unlike anything Nestle Drumstick had released before and unlike anything in the all-family snacking category.

With the opportunity to revitalize and modernize their entire brand portfolio, Nestle Drumstick tapped The GRO Agency to produce creative packaging for their fresh brand identity across all new and existing SKUs.

Our challenge with ‘Crushed It’ was to 1) visually communicate what a delight that first bite of ‘Crushed It’ feels like for the consumer, 2) distinguish packaging concepts and graphics from their existing offerings, and 3) build on their existing brand to remain recognizable within the Drumstick brand universe.

The Solution

Driven by consumer insights, we created a new visual and verbal strategy that would adapt and refine the new design across the whole Drumstick portfolio, including the ‘Crushed It’ product line.

First, to vividly communicate the unique feeling and texture of that first, delectable, melt-in-your-mouth bite, our team fabricated a product-specific logo leveraging the same recognizable color palettes and layout of the core brand. As it doesn’t resemble any existing Drumstick logo, this sub-logo both differentiates the packaging to catch the eye, while also reinforcing the product experience.

Next, the product messaging invites consumers to indulge and experience, not merely sample, the finely-coated ice cream snack. When it comes to dessert, we find that taste and indulgence are primary decision-drivers. Finally, in show-don’t-tell fashion, we broadcasted the enticing product photography front-and-center to illuminate a sweeter life after that first bite.


  • Sub-Line Logo Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Adaptation: Full Portfolio
  • Packaging Production
  • Product Photography
  • Point of Sale
The GRO team jumped into a rush redesign project for Drumstick and executed with precision and speed. Their attention to detail and deep packaging production experience allowed us to meet our deadline with a bolder, new look for this iconic brand.

Brian Lemco
Packaging Project Manager
Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream

Nestlé Drumstick
Nestlé Drumstick
Nestlé Drumstick
Nestlé Drumstick