Ian’s Foods Brand Identity & Packaging Design

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Ian’s Foods Brand Identity & Packaging Design

January 13, 2022

In 2001, Ian’s Foods founder created mouthwatering, gluten-free meals for his son, Ian. His gluten-free comfort foods quickly took off in the burgeoning category.

By 2019 the category had grown and shifted. The Ian’s brand, which was positioned as gluten-free, but also happened to be free-from ‘most common allergens’, needed to reposition to meet the needs of an expanding consumer market. So Ian’s Foods tapped us to redesign their brand identity, packaging, and website.

We engineered a complete overhaul of the brand’s visual identity, taking care not to alienate their extremely loyal consumer following. By focusing on delectable product photography with a rustic aesthetic, a warm and natural color palette, design elements that give the brand an organic, artisanal feel, and testing the claims hierarchy with consumers we were able to craft a visual identity that brought the depth and flavor of Ian’s brand essence–and new market position –to life. The torn paper, customized fonts, prominently positioned claims, and tagline set in the shape of a smile were all incorporated to communicate warmth, quality, and foods crafted with care.

Our final step was to cohesively carry these elements into their website. Creating a consistent experience from digital to shelf for the brand’s consumer is important. Inspired by visual elements from the packaging, we were able to design an equally warm and inviting website that offered consumers a place to explore the mission, find recipe inspiration, and engage with the brand on a much deeper level.

Scope: Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Copywriting, Photography, Adaptation & Production, Website Design

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