Rules of Disengagement: A guide for effective remote connection.

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Rules of Disengagement: A guide for effective remote connection.

April 2, 2020

Get into this. Working remotely is the new black, the new vegan dessert, it is everything. It may be challenging to remain productive without the hub of your workplace and peers. But trust and believe you can manage the separation and get through this shift. Here’s how.

Rules of Disengagement -The Etiquette of Working Remotely

#1 Make it easy.

Set a schedule for work at home and be on time. That means you can sing in the shower, brew that coffee, suit up, (pants optional), and ease on down to your desk/ kitchen table and get to it. This strategy of following an organic flow to your workstation is more effective than letting a clock be your boss. Would a clock let you floss and Postmates breakfast tacos while joining the team Google Hangout with the camera off? I didn’t think so.

#2 Draw a line in the sand.

Unless you have the privilege of living alone, you have to set boundaries with the people in your space. This includes the people you made, Children will demand your focused love constantly. That is their job. Your job is to communicate when you are in your bubble, when they get to play in thiers, and when the bubble pops and parenting returns to normal.

#3 Hang Out & Speak Up

As your team schedules video conferences as frequently as you check IG, accept the invitations and have something to offer. At times, the format of a video chat can be daunting and distract you from sharing ideas and inquiries with everyone. In other instances, inexperience with on-camera meetings may intimidate you. Avoid that trap by listening closely and engaging with intentionality. Your boldness will pay off and you’ll learn that everyone is learning.

#4 Mind the Gap

When entering a conference call resist the temptation to jump right in and voice your presence. Instead, join, feel the flow, take a beat, and cut through the anonymity of the group chat by saying your name before you contribute. External participants will be impressed that you leveled up with friendliness and professionalism.

#5 Stay Connected

Be sure to contact managers and colleagues as often as it’s necessary to be supported. This is when connectedness rules. Get that feedback. Seek clarification for further directions. When you try, sometimes you get what you need.

#6 Plant Your Flag

Without the comfort of your favorite parking spot and the confines of a dedicated office, it is easy to feel discouraged or disoriented. Take pride in identifying a workspace where you live. Whether indoors or out, this is your moment to create a routine, get in the zone and boost that work/life balance thing. Yes, that part.

#7 Connect the Pods

There is no I in team. But there is an I in insolation. Disconnection from the people in your life is an unexpected challenge for extroverts and introverts alike. You can ghost loneliness by urging your employers to simply provide remote sessions to mix it up and socialize. You can always create your own socially distanced work session with colleagues. With invitees in their own habitat and using a screen of choice, you’ve managed to throw an inclusive e-event.

#8 Report Progress

As you happily approach completion of important assignments and projects, drop a pin for your managers and co-workers. Let them know the status of your productivity. Keep it casual and useful. If you’re unclear about your duty or have done all the to-dos, say so.

#9 Break it Up

When it comes to managing your workload between loads of laundry (it happens) make sure you take appropriate breaks. Schedule them and live your best life away from your workstation for a spell. A brief respite from your responsibilities allows your mind and body to have a sigh of relief. Don’t skip recess or lunch. You deserve both.